A deadly fever ravages both Humans and Mystical creatures alike in the divided World of Nigh. In this children’s fantasy novel, Deiji is recruited by a mysterious Necromancer named Mowat to break the spell on each of the four Elements, to quell the fever that Mowat’s mortal enemy, Relant brought upon the World, and to reunite the continents.

Looking to escape an arranged marriage, Deiji is all too eager to accept Mowat’s proposition. She is plucked from her simple village life and thrust blindly into a different region of the unmapped, uncharted world. She must enter the Elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air, where she is forced to subsist on a desert island, track her way through the Deep Forest, and even explore the Ocean as a mermaid! She must battle tigers and giant squid and will eventually face the evil Relant himself.

Does Deiji have what it takes to step up to the challenge? 

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