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Coming 2023... The Mermaid's Plight

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  • Coming soon!


    Long before Deiji began her trials to become Keeper, Mowat himself lived a whole lifetime on Nigh. When he receives word that the Mermaids are in danger of extinction, Mowat turns back the Hourglass of Time and begins a life there as a Merman.

    The Mermaid’s Plight is a prequel that takes you back to the beginning, back to witness the institution of The Dolphin Code and when the Mermaids left the ocean to become Man. Follow his struggle to remain aloof and apart while he finds himself falling desperately in love – with the rich life as a Merman, with his friends – and with the Mermaiden Jayna. He is absolutely forbidden to do so in his service as Teacher, but the life and people on Nigh are terribly seductive. Can he possibly serve both?



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