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Hello, everyone! I missed blogging last week, and I'm feeling super lazy this week, so I'm going to talk about my recent learning curve on Video Blogging. So if you go onto YouTube, the majority of professional Mermaids have their own video blog channels, where they rant about everything from dealing with pool chlorine to what kind of sea shells they like best. Since I have plans to "go pro" in the future, I figured I should start establishing my video blog channel, so that's what I've been up to! Please enjoy the following videos from my channel! Happy Tails!

Mermaid Safety and not being an idiot

Ocean Locks Wig Review and Ocean Conservationism

Mendocino Mermaids Swim Practice

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Davina Marie Liberty (yes, that’s her real name!) works as a traveling Equine Sports Massage Therapist and Holistic Hoof Care Practitioner across northern California. Davina is a certified PFI freediver, and dual-licenced Mermaid Instructor. She has since launched her career as a Professional Mermaid. 
She takes her own horses in Endurance rides and Horse Shows for fun and volunteers as a mentor in horsemanship to young teens. In her spare time (it does happen!) she writes and travels internationally. Her goal is to hit all seven continents and she has two to go.